Worth It
by SM Shade
and CM Owens
Discussion Questions
  1. Who's POV did you prefer? I found I was more interested in Kasha's story. – P Ikeme

  2. I know many of you found the entire book hilarious/witty, BUT s there one saying which stuck out to you or you liked the most? – S Sobolak

  3. When I started reading the book, I thought it would focus on Lydia and her coping with the wedding of her ex. Did you think that too? Do you think she should have been more present in the story?  - C Garcia

  4.  Why do you think the epilogue was told from the guys’ perspective? Did you like the switch in POV or did you want to hear more from the girls? – M Salemi

  5. What was your biggest LOL moment? I had so many Yama Yama, Jill being too smart, the blow up doll... – M Myers

  6. Do you find Davis’s reason for not contacting Henley all these years acceptable? – E Etufugh

  7. As follow up on question 6, would you have taken Davis back? – P Ikeme

  8. Would you go to a wedding for an Ex with the intent of helping to sabotage it? Would you have tried to stop her? – S Sobolak, M Myers, E Etufugh

  9. Did Kasha’s mother (Monica) explanation of the cheating make you see her differently? – E Etufugh

  10. What did you think of Lydia and her reason for attending the wedding? Did she suspect any sinister plan? – P Ikeme

  11. Anderson was such a douche, do you think he got exactly what was coming to him for the way he treated all the women? – M Myers

  12. What movie(s) did this book remind you of? – E Etufugh

  13. Were you shocked that Roman took Kasha’s arm? – E Etufugh

  14. Do you have a friend with a disability like missing arm? Do they prefer people ask upfront about what causes the loss? – E Etufugh

  15. Do you have a group of friends that you can see yourself with, doing things that were done in this book? – N King

  16. Which one of the girls do you see yourself as, who do you relate to? – N King

  17. There was a lot of LOL moments, but what WEDDING activity disaster was your favorite? – B McConnell

  18. What Jill moment was your favorite? – B McConnell

  19. How many stars would you give Worth It?What did you love?What did you hate? – N King

worth it.jpg
Pamela Smith Nasby It was not a book i would have read on my own, but i could not put it down. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Amanda Barritt I gave it four stars. I love books that can make me laugh. So many stories sound the same anymore that I love when one finally makes me laugh out loud.
Errin Gibson Ballard Three and a half stars. I enjoyed it but I could put it down