The Fire Between High and Lo
by Brittainy C. Cherry
  1. Logan states Alyssa is his “greatest high”, do you feel that Logan is Alyssa’s “greatest low”? – Nicole K

  2. Who was your favorite character and why? – Lori C

  3. What one word would you use to describe Logan – Lori C

  4. Although we do not know much about Kellan’s father, we know that he is much different from Logan’s. How do you think Julie ended up with two very different types of men in regards to their treatment of her and their respective boys? – Cindi S

  5. Coming from two very different backgrounds, what do you think it was that drew Logan and Alyssa together in the first place? – Lori C

  6. Let's look at both Logan and Kellen dad's. If I remember correct Logan dad was not his biological dad. He mentioned he was the best thing that happened to Logan and Julie when he found them. And you have Kellen dad who paid for Logans rehab who would have done that if he was not his dad. Just a thought. – Pam N

  7. When Logan was in the hotel room with Sadie he said “You have the most beautiful eyes”. This one statement bothered me so much...anyone else? And why does it bother me so much?!? (Because i really don’t know!)  - Nicole K

  8. Let's talk about Alyssa. I found her to be a strong character although one might be tempted to say she was a doormat at times. She's very opposite me as I would've probably given up on Logan. But her unwavering love actually made me admire her and she was strong in her own way. Would you have stuck it out with Logan? – Mette C

  9. Logan’s father was a douche for sure. Why do you think he was so compelled to keep Julie under his control. It wasn’t like she was turning tricks and he was her pimp. He was feeling her addiction but why? – Lori C

  10. I loved all these characters for different reasons, but for secondary characters, I was more drawn to Kellan and Julie’s story. Did anyone else feel that way? – Lori C

  11. What did you think about all of Alyssa’s voicemails to Logan? I was mad that he never returned a single one of them, even to let her know that he was okay. I don’t feel that him giving them to her later made up for this. – Laurie S

  12. Were you just as worried as I was that Logan was going to take Ricky up on his offer and start dealing drugs in the “family business”?  - Rebecca L

  13. How much of Logan‘s upbringing depended on Kellan? Do you think he would have been the same adult if he hadn’t had Kellan in his life?  - Rebecca L

  14. I thought Logan’s character had so many layers to it. He was complex and deep on so many levels. What did you love most about him? What did you dislike? Were you satisfied with his character development?  - Lori C

  15. I had a really hard time getting past the fact that Logan essentially caused that crash that made Alyssa lose their baby. I honestly don’t know if that’s something I could have let go and forgave considering why/how it happened. Opinions? – Cindi S

  16. Let’s talk about Erika. What did you think of her craziness with breaking things and rearranging furniture? – Lori C / Jessica M

  17. So let’s move to Kellan... do you think that he was the enabler that everyone thought he was? Or just doing what he has to to save his family? – Jessica M

  18. Alyssa’s father sent a letter to say goodbye. It had already been opened by her mother. Did you think maybe she faked the letter to give to Alyssa? Or just that she was so bossy that she opened and read it before Alyssa could.  – Jessica M

  19. This book was so sad. What was the saddest or most heartbreaking moment? What moment made you smile? – Britt B

  20. I’ve never thought about a title as much as I did reading this book. Of course every time they said their High and Lo, I thought of it, but the word FIRE was also important to me throughout the book. Did you find that to be the case too - if yes - in which situations? – Britt B

  21. I found Logan and Alyssa’s mothers to be intriguing. What did you think of them? How were they the same? How were they different?  - Cindi S

  22. So we seem to spend the majority of the book in Logan’s perspective. What did you think about that? Did it make you more sympathetic to Logan and his situation? – Jessica M

  23.  Jessica’s earlier question about POV got me thinking. Same story, same characters. Whose POV would you be most interested in having aside from Alyssa and Logan? Why? – Cindi S

  24. Was anyone surprised by Jacob making something of himself, considering he was in the kind of the same situation as Logan with drugs? – Nicole K

  25. TV series or movie, post a picture of the cast! – Cindi S

  26. Overall rating?  What did you love, what did you hate? – Cindi S



Amanda Barritt Four stars for me. She writes really lovable characters even when they're being difficult or stubborn. I felt their connection and it wasn't forced, and the secondary characters and storylines all felt fulfilling.

Elizabeth Fulcher Beagle 4 Star from me. I truly enjoyed the story. Yes it was sad. Yes it hit me in the feels. I really did enjoy reading it.