The Kiss Quotient
by Helen Hoang
  1. What was your first impression of Stella? Did your impression of her change as the story progressed and we learned more about her?  - Cindi S

  2. Stella’s story was almost a gender-swapped version of Pretty Women. Did you find this plot worked or do you think it made the story less believable? – Lori C

  3. Prior to reading this book, how would you have imagined an autistic woman? How does Stella compare to this vision? From TKQ discussion questions. – Cindi S

  4. Do you think Stella’s awkwardness and insecurities when it comes to dating and sex was really very different than someone who doesn’t have ASD? – Lori C

  5. How did you feel about the sex scenes?  Love ‘em or hate ‘em? – Amanda K

  6. Did knowing that the author was also autistic and based some of Stella's behavior on her own life experiences make the book more believable for you?  - Pat T

  7. What were your thoughts on Stella’s parents? Did you think they were supportive of the challenges Stella faced or were they in denial? – Lori C

  8. Did you have any idea or guesses as to what Michael's day job might be? Were you surprised? If so, what did you think is occupation might be? – Cindi S

  9. Stella thought her autism makes her unable to successfully date and enjoy or be good at sex. Why do you think she believed this? – Lori C

  10. Stella goes through a “fresh and fabulous” regimen where she tries to “fix” herself. Why do you think she felt she was “broken”, that her autism was “bad” or that she had to be fixed? – Lori C

  11. In my opinion, part of the huge success with this book is that the author created likable and believable characters. I think she was so successful because Stella was a product of her personal experience with ASD. The author’s website says that her next book is The Bride Test and will be Khai’s story she is writing a story for Quan as well. Will you read these? – Lori C

  12. Did you have any ‘laugh out loud’ moments while reading this? What were they?  - Lori C

  13. The Kiss Quotient is going to be made into a movie. Who would you cast as Stella? Michael?  - Lori C

  14. Let’s talk about Michael. Did you like his character or no? What character traits did you like/dislike? – Lori C

  15. If Stella was your friend and confided in you that she was going to hire a male escort to help her with sex, what would you have said or suggested to her to do? – Kim W

  16.  Michael’s cousin Khai is also on the spectrum and he is the one that virtually spelt it out to michael that Stella was on the spectrum. Do you think Michael’s personal experiences with Khai played a factor in his approach with Stella overall or do you think he was just a caring, thoughtful good guy and regardless of having some understanding of ASD would have been as patient and thoughtful with her had she not had ASD?- Lori C

  17. Is your mom like Stella's, pushing you about marriage and grandkids?
    is you Dad like Stella's or Michael's? – Celeste F

  18. Do you think societal perception is responsible for the negative stigmatization attached to those with autism/ASD? Do you think this stigma has changed over the years? – Lori C

  19. Do you think Michael’s reasons for not revealing his feelings for Stella were justified? Why or why not? – Cindi S

  20. I really wanted Stella to have a BFF. What qualities do you think her BFF would have to have to be the best friend she could be? – Cindi S

  21. Since Stella didn’t have any friends, do you think a pet would have helped her show emotion or offered her emotional support? If so, what type of pet? – Kimberly W

  22. What did you think of Michael’s family? – Cindi S

  23. What were your thoughts on the dinner scene with Michael’s family. While Stella was clearly not prepared for something like this, were you surprised at the reactions of his family? How did you feel as this scene played out? – Lori C

  24. Who was your favorite character and why? – Cindi S

  25. What was your overall rating? What did you love? What did you hate? – Cindi S

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