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The Last Letter 

by Rebecca Yarros

  1. Let’s get something straight before we really start discussion: Did you cry? – B Basse

  2. What was your very first impression of Beckett? – B Basse

  3. Why do you think Ryan encouraged Chaos and Ella to become PenPals? Premonition? Matchmaker? What do you think? – C Settle

  4. Which sides of Ella did you like? Which did you not, if any? – B Basse

  5. Do you feel Beckett was wrong letting Ella believe Chaos was dead? Or do you feel that while they were the same person, Chaos did actually die with Ryan? – C Busick

  6. There were so many likable secondary characters...who was your favorite, or who do you feel made the biggest impact on the story? – N King

  7. What did you think of Colt? – C Busick

  8. When Beckett picked up Colt from school he gives the principal a strong word about the other little boy in the fight. Do you think it is possible that some acts of violence against women could be prevented if schools punished "playground antics" in early elementary? – C Busick

  9. How did you feel about Ella not accepting the check from Jeff? What would you have done in that moment ? – A Ruiz

  10. Did you see it coming the tragedy on the field trip? I didn't. – P Nasby

  11. Did you think at any point Ella was overreacting? Do you think she should have forgiven Beckett sooner ? – A Ruiz

  12. What do you think it would have been like had Ryan lived? What would the dynamic have been between Chaos and Ella? – L Schwartz

  13. If there was one aspect or detail about the story you could change, what would it be? – L Schwartz

  14. Given her past and the circumstances, do you think Ella should have accepted Beckett’s proposal? – C Settle

  15. Which letter was your favorite? and why? – B Basse

  16. How do you feel about Maisie getting the final word? – B Basse

  17. This book deals with so many topics: Cancer, love, romance, family, trust, forgiveness, military deployment, friendships, raising kids, death etc. It was beautifully written imo - all of it. And I am sure we all felt connected or recognized things, some more than other topics, while reading.  I am curious. Which topic was your main focus when reading this book? Like which topic was on your mind the most? – B Basse

  18. What were your thoughts about Ella? Did you love her? Hate her? – C Settle

  19. I loved how Havoc was to both children. How did you feel about how much she protected them especially when Jeffs parents came up to the truck.? – B McConnell

  20. What about the special twin relationship between Maise and Colt? There were at least two times I can think of where it really showed. When Maisie had the fever and Colt sensed it while sleeping. Then after Colt fell when Maise told Beckett Colt was hurt, then later already knew he was gone because he didn't hurt anymore. – C Busick

  21. There were a lot of touching and heart-felt moments throughout this books. What scene or moment was the most touching for you? – C Settle

  22. Outside of Colts death, what was you least favorite part? – A Kossen

  23. Overall impression? Star rating? What did you love? What did you hate? – C Settle


Genny Colby Again I’ll preface I’m really stingy with my 5 ⭐️ ratings..
This was as a 4⭐️ for me. At times it was a tough read (in the way a gripping book should be) but I wanted to read. And I’ll likely read it again at some pt
I felt that the story line with Jeff and his parents was lackluster. There wasn’t much drama or emotional pull. I felt it could have been developed more or left out. As it was it felt like it glitched the flow of the story.
Other than that, I loved it all.

Molly Wolfe I gave it ⭐⭐⭐⭐. (I'm also stingy with 5⭐ ratings.) I'm not usually a big romance reader but this one had enough substance to it that I really enjoyed it a lot.