The Lost Woman
by Sara Blaedel
  1. Look at the original Danish and the US cover. Which so you think fits the book the best? WHY? Which do you like the best? – B Basse

  2. What are your thoughts on Louise? When did you like her? When did you not? – B Basse

  3. What are your thoughts on Eik? What did you like? Dislike? – B Basse

  4. How would you have reacted if you were taken to a basement seeing something similar to a prison cell and learning your boyfriend and colleague sometimes lived there for days? – B Basse

  5. When did you realize who was behind the murder(s)? – B Basse

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  7. When you first learned Sofie had money in Switzerland, what where your thoughts of the motive to kill her? – B Basse

  8. Sophia was reported missing nearly18 years ago (chapter 8 Stephi was 16 years old. How was Eik her father? – P Nasby

  9. While I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I didn’t find it mysterious or suspenseful. Did it bother anyone that the “twists” were obvious? – J Yeager

  10. Anyone else appalled at Eik’s treatment of Louise and her unwillingness to demand an explanation, apology, and change in behavior? This was my biggest issue with the book! Would I understand their relationship better if I’d read the previous books in the series? – J Yeager

  11. I’ve never read a book on the topic of assisted suicide. It was intriguing. I thought her writing on the issue was well-balanced. What did you think? – J Yeager

  12. To me office romance are risky to start, a police department romance is even more so. What are your thoughts about getting involved with a coworker/partner? – A Daniele

  13. Do you ever think about being in the position to let a love one die with dignity? What is your personal stance on the issue? – A Daniele

  14. Would you be OK with your partner moving across the country for a job while you stayed for yours? – A Daniele

  15. Eik seemed to carry a lot of baggage; do you think Louise handled it well? – A Daniele

  16. Do you live in a country or state where assisted suicide or euthanasia is allowed? What are your thoughts on the matter? – B Basse

  17. Did you understand Sofie's choice to disappear on Eik like she did? Do you understand what drove her to start the organization she did? – B Basse

  18. The original title of the book is directly translated "The woman they reported missing" and yet it is published in the US as "The Lost Woman". Which title do you like the best? – B Basse

  19. What were your thoughts regarding Sorensen at the conclusion of the book and his farewell video? Were you sympathetic towards him at all? – C Settle

  20. What was your overall rating? What did you love? What did you hate? – C Settle

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Teri Erickson 3 Stars from me. I didn’t love it I didn’t hate it. I didn’t really care for the main characters but I liked the writing style and the open mindedness of the main topic. I thought it was well written in that aspect, where both sides were explained well.

Olivia Rey 4 🌟 for me. I enjoyed the pace, mystery and intriguing subject. The setting was by far my favorite thing about the book! I loved the fact that it was a book in translation and they they discussed travel and actually had to move around in the story. 😊