The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah


  1. I loved how each character more or less found their purpose. If you were in this situation do you think you could have done what Isabelle or Vianne did?- Brittney Z

  2. Why do you think Isabelle’s code name was Nightingale? – Lori C

  3. As the book progressed who did you think the woman was speaking? – Christina F

  4. Did you see Captain Beck as a hero or a villain? What did you think of his final actions? – Lori C

  5. What would you have done in Vianne's shoes having to give up Daniel? – Brittney Z

  6. What motivates Isabelle?  What motivates Vianne? – Lori C

  7. How would you have handled the pregnancy from rape? Would you have done like Vianne? Or do you feel she should have handled it differently? – Chrissy B

  8. What did you think about Vianne giving Beck the list of names? Would you have done anything different?  - Lori C

  9. Were you as surprised as I was when Antoine came home? Do you think Vianne should have told him about the pregnancy? – Brittney Z

  10. Which scene moved you the most? – Lori C

  11. Did you think Isabelle was going to survive? – Brittney Z

  12. Which character’s fate would you say was the most tragic? The most poignant? – Lori C

  13. What made Vianne shift her perspective from staying neutral for the safety of her family to actively saving children and putting her own life in danger? – Lori C

  14. What is the meaning or significance of the apple tree in Vianne’s yard? Did you see it as a symbol of hope, despair or something else? – Lori C

  15. Everything that happened with Sarah and Rachel broke my heart and the tears were streaming. I kept thinking that if she just hid her longer or got her to the free zone sooner it would have been different. What are your thoughts? – Christina F

  16. What are your thoughts on young Julian learning of his mother and aunts heroics the way he did? Why do you think Vianne kept it from him? – Lori C

  17. How do the characters show hope and light in the face of darkness and brutality? – Lori C

  18. How does the books opening statement relate to the characters in the book? "If I have learned anything in this long life of mine, it is this: In love we find out who we want to be; in war we find out who we are.” Pick a character and explain (Vianne and Isabelle’s father; Vianne; Isabelle; the German officers billeting at Vianne’s house; Antoine). – Lori C

  19. Is there a quote in the novel that is your favorite? Did anything "speak" to you? – Janette P

  20. When Rachel learns that all Jews must wear the yellow star, she becomes hopeless (p. 231). Why do you think the new statute affects her more than being fired from her job? – Lori C

  21. When Isabelle works with Anouk and other women of the French resistance, she notices “the wordless bond of women.” What does she mean? – Lori C

  22. This story captures many of the era’s attitudes about men and women (e.g. Isabelle is told that women do not go off to war, Vianne is confused by her new wartime role as provider). Doyou think gender roles have changed much since World War II?  - Lori C

  23. How does this book compare with other WWII historical fiction books that you've read (The Alice Network)? Do you have a favorite WWII historical fiction novel? – Janette P

  24. I read a statement one time and can't recall where but it asked "Do parents ever really know their children? Do children ever really know their parents"? This book made me think of that. What are your thoughts? – Lori C

  25. How does war change Vianne, Isabelle and Julien? – Lori C

  26. Do you think Isabelle or Vianne longed to be more like the other? How so? – Lori C

  27. How would you describe The Nightingale to someone who might consider reading it? Would you recommend or not recommend the book?  - Lori C

  28. One of the things I love about historical fiction is that it often forces me to pause and reflect... There are many quotes that have stayed me from this story, but this one was just so heavy: "Sadness and loss were drawn in with each breath but never expelled". The heaviness of despair weighs on me still. Was there a quote or something you learned from this story that has impacted your thoughts? – Lori C

  29. What's your rating of this book? Have you read Kristin Hannah before? – Brittney Z

  30. What did you love about The Nightingale? Hate about it? – Janette


Joanie Maldonado Fuda It was 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me. I loved it I’ve read a few of her others and this one The Great Alone and Night Road are my favorite of hers. My least favorite is Firefly Lane.

Rochelle Kolar It’s 4 stars for me. It took me awhile to get into it but I ended up really liking it.