The Other Woman
by Sandie Jones
  1.  Based on the title and cover alone, were you surprised by the story or were you able to guess what it was about? – M Donohue

  2. What did you think of Emily throughout the book? What did you love? What did you hate? – C Settle

  3. Did you feel like Emily genuinely loved Adam by the end of the book or did she just want to win? – C Settle

  4. I never took well to Adam as a Bf right off the bat. He never seemed to put Emily before his Mum, and snapped at the smallest things. It was no surprise that he ended up being the psycho.
    Did any else feel like Emily allowed Adam to treat her second best right from the get go? – A Halpin

  5. Adam's mum was deceitful in her attempt to protect emily and push her away.
    Flaunting the dead ex in Emily's face was one thing I was okay with, as a means to show Emily the real side of Adam.
    But setting Emily up with Adam's brother was just too far psycho for me.
    Setting your son up against your other son who's previously killed someone is on the verge of stupidy for me!
    Did she not worry about how Adam would react to this? – A Halpin

  6. Adam's mum kept a huge secret about what adam did to his ex.
    If your (adult) child committed a serious crime who would you tell? Would you confront them about it? – A Halpin

  7. I loved the suprise ending. pammie was obviously her own kind of evil but the fact she was trying to scare Emily to keep her safe made her so intresting to me. Would you have stayed friends with her? Did you like her character as the villain? – J Gaeta

  8. Emily gets a text message from Pammie that she doesn't understand to begin with. She grabs Adam's phone and it all makes sense as the response is to a conversation he is having with his mother. Do you think Pammie sent it to Emily on purpose? Would you have looked at your partners phone? Would you have confronted your partner or done what Emily did? – B Basse

  9. Pammie did so many things that eventually would have made me question if loved my boyfriend enough to endure those things. Which of all Pammie's actions would have you say 'I can't do this anymore. I'm breaking up with you? – B Basse

  10. My favorite characters had to be Pippa, Seb and Emily’s mother. Who were your favorite characters? Who were your least favorite characters?

  11. What took you by surprise? – C Settle

  12. In the audioversion there’s a conversation between the narrator and the author at the end. Apparently Sandie Jones didn’t mean for Pammie to be such a cruel mother in law. She mostly wanted to explore the whole mother-in-law-thing. And I know it is a thing, though my closest friends have great MILs - and my own is just the sweetest… But: Do you know of any stories, that you can share so we can grimace or laugh - or maybe both?  I know of a mother-in-law that almost reached Pammie’s level. One would think I made it up. I swear it is the truth. One day she stood in front of her son and daughter in law’s small townhouse with a huge black leather chair. She had the delivery guy carry it into the small living room of the house. The daughter in law had looked at it and asked: ‘what is that?’ ‘That’s my chair’ ‘Why is it delivered here?’ ‘Oh, it is my chair for me to sit in when I am here.’ The chair stood in the living room until the divorce became a reality. – B Basse

  13. What was your first impression of Adam? Did you love him? Hate him? – C Settle

  14. How could Pammie have gotten her point across to Emily in a different, more appropriate way? – C Settle

  15. How did you feel about Em isolating and not talking to Seb after she cancelled the wedding? Do you believe it was a smart move? – M Donohue

  16. Let’s do some casting! I could totally see this being made into a movie! Who would you cast as Emily, Adam and Pammie? – C Settle

  17. Overall impressions? Star rating? What did you love? What did you hate? – C Settle


Praise Ikeme ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me. I was anxious while reading this not knowing what was coming next. It was a good read

Jessica Willard 3.5. I thought it was a good read, but I got frustrated with Emily just forgiving and putting up with both Pammie and Adam's BS. However, it was realistic and it did keep me guessing.