The Push
by Ashley Audrain
  1. I'm just going to go ahead and ask it...Do you think Violet did it all or was Blythe making it up? – T Mabins

  2. In the beginning, I felt this book was written a certain way, to make you feel more for one person than the other. Now, I definitely see a sort of divide. Do you think this was the authors intention? Having said that, I felt more for Blythe, that she had no one, she had not dealt with her own past/thoughts/feelings about her mother. I also believed that Violet in innately “bad” and it would have turned out the way it did regardless. Thoughts? – N King

  3. The previous generations abused their children and could not mother. Blythe did not abuse her children but had a hard time connecting with Violet. If all is true Violet purposefully hurt (killed) a young boy, her brother and her half brother. That is way more than being abusive - that is psychotic. Don’t you find that strange in a way or so much more than the previous generations? -J St Jean Anderson

  4. Did any of you as mothers, identify with Blythe feeling it was different with her second child? – C Caudill

  5. Did anyone else wonder why Blythe insisted on joint custody/visitation during the divorce? She obviously didn’t love Violet and blamed her for Sam’s death. I would’ve thought she would be glad to let her go. – J Yeager

  6. What was the creepiest thing violet did in your eyes ?! – A Daniele

  7. Do you think Gemma (new GF) was always being truthful with Blythe about Violet? Do you think Violet was doing bad things to her and the new baby long before the ending? – B Jones

  8. Blythe and her lack of connection to Violet is obviously a key part of this story...but what role did Fox play in all this? Could he have done more? – G Colby

  9. While I loved all the thrilling parts of this book, I could actually relate to a couple of the less thrilling parts. The ones that described Blythe’s thoughts on motherhood. Specifically, in chapter 15 she says, “Time goes by so quickly. Enjoy every moment. Mothers speak of time like it’s the only currency we know.” And then in chapter 37 she says, “I was a soldier, executing a series of physical actions on a loop...keep going...” The way she evaluates her body throughout the book. Did anyone else find some of these things relatable? – S Lazo-Deiss

  10. What are the similarities if any between Blythe, her mother and grandmother? – P Ikeme

  11. Did any of you as mothers, identify with Blythe feeling it was different with her second child? – C Caudill

  12. Anyone else get Damien from ‘The Omen’ vibes from Violet? – M Saleh

  13. What is the most important thing you are taking away from this book? – C Busick

  14. Did you enjoy the way the story was told? The back and forth of the generations? And then Blyth writing her story ? – A Daniele

  15. How did you feel about Blyth going undercover to befriend Fox’s new wife ?! – A Daniele

  16. The ending really got me. When she got the phone call my heart stopped. I knew it was coming but man. I really want to know what happened to the baby. Do we feel like there could be a sequel? – B Jones

  17. A book has never sent chills through my body like this one has. When Violent leaned on the window and repeated, "I pushed him", it was such an insane feeling. We all knew she did it, but her admitting it like what, was crazy. – B Jones

  18. Was it nature or nuture? Did Violet act horribly because she was born that way or because of her mother's inability to connect with her? – J Peggs

  19. Do you think Fox knew what was really going on? Violet was the apple of his eye. Fox's mom began to realize what was happening, but no one wanted to step in. I can't imagine, being scared of what my daughter will do next. – B Jones

  20. I saw on goodreads that someone recommended that this book not be read by mothers with young children. I'm curious what you ladies think. – P Ikeme

  21. Ok I’m not saying I felt bad for Violet. But I definitely have sympathy for her. The way Blythe ignores her as a baby and then bonded so quickly with Sam. It’s obvious that would hurt a child’s ego. My question is Do you think Fox should have tried harder to get his wife and daughter to bond/therapy ? – A Daniele

  22. How do you rate The Push? How many stars? What did you love/hate? – J Yeager

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Ashley Daniele

3 stars for the story/plot

But I gave it a 4 because of how addictive it was to read.

Joanne Goodspeed Ragona

5 stars from me! It was such a page turner, so well written, compelling and thought provoking. I loved it. I’ve recommended it to so many friends.

Kimberly Howard Whitley

I wish the ending gave a better description of what happened to Jet. I loved the suspense of wondering if Blythe’s concerns about Violet were legitimate.