The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
by Taylor Jenkins Reid

1. What did you think about Evelyn? Did you love her? Did you hate her? What characteristics did you like/dislike?  Cindi S

2. Which of Evelyn’s 7 husbands did you like best? Least? Why? Lori HC  

3. Several times while telling her story, Evelyn offers words of wisdom. My favorite was “never let anyone make you feel ordinary”. What was your favorite piece of advice from Evelyn?  Lori HC  


4: What celebrity would you like to interview if you had that choice? Do you know what you would ask them? Dee M

5. What did you think about the crash scene near the end? Did it give anyone else déjà vu?
Jamie D

6. Do you think Evelyn was happy with her life? Lori HC  

7. Do you think the tabloid inserts were beneficial to Evelyn’s story?Nicole K  

8. As I read this I found I had to remind my self that this was fiction, not Elizabeth Taylor’s story. Did anyone else have that problem? Did you feel that it was a somewhat realistic look behind the scenes of old Hollywood? Lori H C  


9. Did you ever feel bad for Evelyn, that she was vulnerable in her own way? Or do you think deserved what came to her (the ends justify the means so to speak)? Lori HC  


10. Do you think Evelyn ever did anything for the right reasons or for the good or just for fame and money? Was she a truly morally corrupt character or misunderstood? Lori H C  


11. Let’s talk about Monique. Do you think her side plot added anything to the story line? Do you think the author did a good job developing her character? If not, what could she have done better with her side story? Lori H C  


12. Let’s talk about each of Evelyn’s relationships. What word would you use to describe or represents each one:
-Ernie Diaz
-Don Adler
-Mick Riva
-Rex North
-Harry Cameron
-Max Girard
-Robert Jamison
-Cecilia St. James

Lori HC


13. Let’s talk about Celia and Evelyn. Do you think the author did well portraying their love/passion for each other and could you feel a great chemistry between them?  Lori H C  


14. Where you shocked or did you anticipate the revelation about Celia St. James being Evelyn's greatest love at the beginning of chapter?  Chrissy B  


15. Do you think Evelyn honestly loved Don before the abuse? Do you think she would have remained married to him had he not been abusive and a cheater? Nicole K  

16. I found my self constantly guessing this and that would happen and wondering this and that about the events of Evelyn’s life. And how Monique fit into it all.

I think all the guessing was what kept me listening to the audio.

What did you guess? Right and wrong? Let us hear.  Britt B

17. I want to know your thoughts on Harry. Did he live the best life he could have? Should he have considered "coming out"? What was your favorite thing about him? Chrissy Busick

18. Monique told Evelyn that she would have to think about the opportunity to write Evelyn’s biography, would you have jumped at the chance or taken time to think about it? Cindi S  

19 - Do you believe Evelyn only wanted to tell her story to make amends with Monique? Do you think Monique needed to know the truth about her father being a homosexual? Nicole K  

20. Overall star rating? What did you love? What did you hate? Cindi S

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Lori Hines Connolly 🌟🌟🌟🌟 for me. I really enjoyed this. I wasn’t looking for a profound, factual read so it was perfect...and it was close enough for me that it felt real... more than once I was thinking this is Marylin or Liz Taylor’s story... I read and also listened to audio the audio was really great!