Too Late
by Colleen Hoover 
  1. What did you think of the dynamics of Asa and Sloan’s relationship? – Cindi S

  2. How do you feel about Carter and Sloan’s relationship? – Brittany W

  3. Did you think Sloan would get into some trouble since she lived in Asa house and knew what was going on? - Brittany W

  4. What were your thoughts on the sex scene in front of Asa? – Lori C

  5. If Luke/Carter hadn’t been undercover there do you think Sloan would have just stayed and married Asa figuring it was her only way? Even after finding out her brother’s benefits were not cut do you think she would have stayed if Luke wasn’t in her life? – Cynthia W

  6. How did you feel about eh scene where Jon comes onto Sloan?  Hold her by her neck and pulling a knife on her?  I couldn’t believe that this happened and it almost wasn’t stopped. – Brittany W

  7. Let’s talk about the ending…and the prologue…and the epilogue…and the ending…did this writing style affect your reading? – Lori C

  8. Was anyone else disappointed not to have the paternity test put to use?  Who were you hoping was the father? – Charlanne S

  9. How did you feel about the men sharing girlfriends?  Except nobody was allowed to touch Sloan.  Did you think this was right or fair? – Dee M

  10. Did anyone feel sorry for the little boy in Asa?  Did your heart soften a little after the scene where he was left in the dark in his own piss under the house all day and night?  The real villain was that piece of sh*t father of his!(IMO) – Charlanne S

  11. Love triangles are tough for me.  Did you find this was more “acceptable” love triangle due to the circumstances?  Or a cheater is a cheater is a cheater? – Cindi S

  12. Were you glad Asa was killed or did you want him to pay for what he did, in jail? – Jill D

  13. Were there times throughout the story that you found yourself being sympathetic toward Asa?  If so, what were those times? – Cindi S

  14. Most favorite character?  Least favorite character? – Janette P

  15. Let’s talk about Sloan.  What did you love?  What did you hate? – Cindi S

  16. Were you surprised the FBI guys were imposters?  - Lori C

  17. Look up the definition of Paranoid Schizophrenia.  Based on this information, do you feel that Asa was suffering from this mental disorder? – Cindi S

  18. One of the things I love about Coho books is how well her secondary characters are developed but I didn’t feel that with this story. They almost were too vanilla for me. I kept waiting for the moment that Asa did something to Sloan’s brother but it never came. I wish there was a little more development with that angle. If you could have more story development with a secondary character, what would it have been? – Lori C

  19. This book was written/read with the Prologue in between the epilogues.  Had the prologue been what you read first, do you think it would have changed the reading experience for you? – Cindi S

  20. The intimate scenes with Asa, did you interpret those scenes as rape or consensual? – Cindi S

  21. Did you ever wish Asa would have gotten some professional help?  Maybe he wouldn’t have been so evil if he had? – Chrissy B

  22. Was there anything that completely took you by surprise?  Like…whoa, didn’t see that coming!?! – Cindi S

  23. When I first heard about this book, I read it was a dark, twisted read.  Did you think it was a dark and twisted read? – Kathy W

  24. Overall rating?  What is your star rating?  What did you love?  What did you hate? – Cindi S

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Kimberly Howard Whitley 4 stars. I was not a fan of Asa, but I feel the author did a great job setting up his character. The book was well written and I didn’t want to put it down. Sometimes, I read books and feel forced to

finish it.

Annie Crowder Reynolds ⭐⭐⭐ I felt like Asa was the strongest, most developed character - but dang, was he deplorable! Can't really put my finger on why, but it wasn't what I had hoped from CoHo.