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Discussion Questions
Twelve Days of Christmas
by Debbie Macomber

Q1: What did you originally think of the ‘kill him with kindness-12 days of christmas’ blog idea? Janette P

Q2:  How would you react to a blog about you, being read by thousands, without you knowing?  Nicole K

Q3:  Who was your favorite character? Why? Lori H C

Q4:  What words would you use to describe the tone or mood of the story? Did it get you into the Christmas spirit? Lori H C

Q5:  Let’s talk about Bernie. Do you think it was right for Julie to forge a relationship with him knowing he was Cain’s grandfather. Did you think she was using him as a means to her end or do you think she would have continued with her relationship with him even if things turned out bad as a result of her blog.  Lori H C

Q6:  The theme of this book was around the impact that kindness can make on someone’s life. I found myself reflecting on some of the little things I could do to make someone’s day better, especially this time of year. Did this have the same impact on you? Did it lead to a random act of kindness in your part?  If so, are you willing to share what it was?  Lori H C

Q7:  There were so many relationships in this story, Cain and Julia, Cain and Bernie, Julia and Cammie, Julia and Bernie, Julia and the Starbucks guy... which did you find yourself enjoying the most if any and why? Lori H C

Q8: At what point do you think Cain should have been told that he was part of the blog? Laurie S

Q9: Did anyone not really care for either Cain or Julia? Was it just me? Jessica W

Q10:  What do you guys think about Cain and Jeremy's interaction with each other? submitted by Jessica Willard

Q11: What did you guys think about Julia asking Cain to help her weigh herself when she got sick? Jessica W

Q12: Do you think Julia should still have had Bernie over for Christmas dinner even after everything that happened and Cain asked her not to?

Q13: How did you feel about how Cain reacted to Jeremy? Should Julia have handled telling Cain who Jeremy was any differently? (Submitted by Missy Briar) 

Q14: Since I read this like it was a Hallmark movie...if it was turned into a movie who do you see as the leads? Missy B

Q15: Cain has significant trust issues that were a result of heartache both in his childhood and most recent relationship. How/why do you think he was able to overcome this especially when he becomes aware of Julia’s blog. Submitted by Lori Hines Connolly

Q16:   Our last buddy read was The Christmas Basket by this same author. How do you think this story compared to that? Have you read other books by this author? Do you think you read any others? Lori H C

Q17:  Cain accused Julia at the Christmas party of her stalking him. She was really pissed at him, yet then she turned around and basically stalked him by returning to visit with his grandfather to learn more about him. How did you feel about that? Lori H C

Q18:  The one thing I did take away from this book, was a thought/idea. Is there someone in your life, that you thought “I should try harder to be nice to them?” You don’t have to say who. I just know most of us have someone in our lives that we find difficult to get along with.  Connie C

Q19:  What was your overall impression of the book? Submitted by Jessica Machuga

Connie Clarkson Caudill I’m usually reading thriller/crime novels. So, this was a nice, feel good story centered around Christmas. It was cheesy and unrealistic, but it did bring out some good thoughts about kindness.
Amy Therese Cute easy Christmas fluff ⭐⭐⭐