Two Can Keep a Secret
by Karen McManus

Q1: Two Can Keep A Secret discussion question. #discusstckas Was there anything particular that you really liked or disliked about this book? Jennifer Kalman


Q2. #discusstckas What was your first impression of Ellery? Did it change through the story? Britt Basse


Q3: Two Can Keep A Secret discussion question. #discusstckas Who were your favorite or least favorite characters and why? Jennifer Kalman


Q4 - How do you feel about the differences in the sibling relationships? Ellery and her brother vs Malcolm and his brother? Do you feel it was more of a “twin thing”? #discusstckas Nicole King


Q5 - Thoughts on Ellery and Ezra’s grandmother? Do you feel she knew more than what she was lwttingbon? #discusstckas Nicole King



Q6. #discusstckas Through out the book I kept guessing and guessing. There were so many incidents and we were given so many clues. Which made an impression on you and how did your thoughts evolve? Britt Basse


Q7: Which characters did you suspect throughout the book?Were you satisfied with how the book ended? And what did you think of the last line in the book? Jennifer Kalman #discusstckas


Q8- Were you suspicious of Ryan, the police officer? Were you shocked to find out why he acted so strangely? #discusstckas Nicole King


Q9 - Lets talk about Katrin. Should she have gotten in more trouble for continuing the threatening signs? Do you think the explanation why she did it was good enough? #discusstckas Nicole King


Q10 - How do you feel about Daisy? #discusstckas Nicole King


Q11 - Were you shocked about Peter? I did not see that coming at all! #discusstckas Nicole King


Q12 - Who did you suspect, before Peter was revealed? #discusstckas Nicole King


Q13: What did you think of Sadie? Did you ever suspect she had something to do with Sarah's disappearance? #discusstckas Chrissy Busick


Q14 - What do you think of Murderland as the name of an amusement park? Would you want something like this in your town? (BTW, we have Scareview Grave Schoul#discusstckas Nicole King


Q15 - Were there too many “suspects”? Did you find it confusing to keep them all in line? #discusstckas Nicole King


Q16 - Do you think Ellery should have told the police or someone, what Peter said? #discusstckas. Submitted by Connie Clarkson Caudill