Weightless by Kandi Steiner #discussweightless

Q1: What did it mean for Natalie to be a Poxton in Poxton Beach? Janette P

Q2. What did you think about Rhodes? First impressions?  Janette P

Q3: What went through your mind when you found out what Rhodes did with his special clients?? Laurie S

Q4: What did you think of Natalie's stepfather Dale? Janette P

Q5: Throughout the book it was becoming clear that Dale was up to no good. At any point, did you think he would be involved in the disappearance of Rhodes sister? Laurie S

Q6: Thoughts on Shea? (Sp?) Raging bitch or completely insecure?   Brittney Z

Q7: What did you think of the title and how it related to the book? Did this give you any insight on what might happen early on? Brittney Z

Q8-what are your thoughts on the fact that it was Nat’s watch that helped prove what Dales been doing? Amanda K

Q9: What kind of changes does Natalie go through in the story? Obviously, she loses weight, but what other changes does she go through? Janette P

Q10: Many of the books we read have various points of view, switching back and forth between characters. Weightless is all from Natalie's point of view. Which do you prefer? Pros and cons of both?  Janette P

Q11: Favorite scene?  Janette P

Q12: What did y'all think of Nat's ex-boyfriend? Berenice R

Q13: Favorite quote?  Janette P

Q14: What did you think happened to Lana? Were you surprised when she showed up? Janette P

Q15: If you were in the position of Nat's mom would you have put up with an abusive relationship like she did? Berenice R

Q16. Who was your favorite character and why? Cindi S

Q17. Rhodes and Natalie are an unlikely pair. What is it about them that makes them work? Cindi S