When Ashes Fall
by Marni Mann
  1. What were thoughts about the general outline of this book? By that, I mean the different POV’s, going from past to present? Did you love it? Hate it? Did it work for this story to unfold? – C Settle

  2. The PTSD is so real. The triggers and reactions are the gripping part of the story. To me, it is what made the story flow. How did Marni's writing if PTSD effect you? -  D Fuhrman

  3. What was your first impression of Alix?  Did you love her, hate her?  - B Williamson

  4.  Did anyone think Dillon wasn't real? Throughout the book, I kept thinking he's not real. Technically he was real, but no longer there. Did this shock you? - B Williamson

  5.  What did you think about how Alix and Smith met? – K WestI

  6. I was so impressed with Smith.  He was so supportive and patient.  What was your favorite Smith moment? – J Gaeta

  7. What was your theory behind Dillion? And how did you feel when you learned the truth? – A Ruiz

  8.  Let’s talk about Rose!! I LOVED her!! What characteristics made her such a good friend? – C Settle

  9. There were so many heartbreaking moments in this story. Which ones were the hardest for you to get through? – C Settle

  10. What did you think about Alix’s ritual when she returned home after work? How did the author’s writing style describe the ritual? – J Peggs

  11. As you were reading, what small signs of AlIx’s PTSD were you noticing? Or were you noticing them?! Once you learned of the tragic event, maybe then you went back and had an ah-ha moment? – C Settle

  12. Whose “first meeting” did you like best? Alix and Dylan or Alix and Smith? – C Settle

  13. Does anyone eat cake first? I thought this was interesting. I wouldn't want to eat dinner after to be honest. – B Williamson

  14. Was there a relationship that you connected with more than any of the others? – C Settle

  15. How quickly did you catch onto the “triangle” that wasn’t really a triangle? Was there anything specific that gave it away? – C Settle

  16. If you were to give this book a different title, what would it be and why? – C Settle

  17. One thing that I wished would have played out a little differently was the way in which Smith was made aware of Dylan. I wanted Alix to share her Storm. What, if anything would you have wanted to be played out differently? – C Settle

  18. Who was your favorite character?  Why? – C Settle

  19. Assuming that Dylan is a ghost, how did you feel about him holding onto Alix like he did? When should he have let her go? – C Settle

  20. Who was your least favorite character?  Why? – C Settle

  21. Overall star rating?  General impression?  What did you love?  What did you hate? – C Settle

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