1. What did you think of the book in the beginning?Were you confused?Did you catch on to the plot twist before it was revealed?- Kathy W

  2. Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room.WHEN did you have the a-ha moment and figure out what was going on? – Britney Z

  3. I need to know what our were thinking during the Yeo and Bones scene in the car after Kady bolted from dinner with his family.Yeo’s name tattooed around his nipple, reaching for Yeo’s cock? – Cindi S

  4. What were your thoughts about Yeo’s family and their opinion of Kady?It was obvious that they didn’t care for her.Why do you think they did not like her for Yeo? – Cindi S

  5. What scene did you find most heartbreaking? – Laurie S

  6. Who was your favorite character? – Brittney Z

  7. What did you think about the abuse and violence in this book?Too much?Just enough? – Kathy W

  8. What did you think about Kady’s flashbacks to when her dad would abuse her?About her mom losing the baby and the blame being taken out on her? – Kathy W

  9. What were our thoughts on the scene following Kady’s first therapy session?Especially how Barclay handled it? – Chrissy B

  10. When Yeo’s brother called him saying he found Kady and was holding her down until Yeo arrived, did you feel that his family finally understood and was going to start being supportive? – Laurie S

  11. How did you feel when you found out Kady could not have kids?Do you think Yeo was disappointed? – Joanna G

  12. I’d like to talk about Yeo.What did you like, dislike, love about him?When did he make you annoyed?When did he make you smile?When did you understand his actions and choices?When did your heart ache for him?All your thoughts… - Britt B

  13. Did you ever think Yeo was an alter? – Pam N

  14. What was your biggest WTF moment? – Laurie S

  15. Did you find a good quote?If so, what was it?And why did you like it? – Britt B

  16. What did you think of the author warning at the beginning of the book?Are you glad you went in blind?If you didn’t go in blind, do you wish you would have? – Cindi S

  17. Who would play who if made into a movie? – Pam N

  18. Did anyone else cringe when Norman messed up the new table?I guess I didn’t understand the purpose of that.Can anyone explain? – Montana H

  19. Why do you think Kady not only created alters that loved and protected her, but also harmed and scared her? – Laurie S

  20. Which character do you feel showed the most growth? – Cindi S

  21. What is your overall rating for the book?What did you love?What didn’t you like? – Kathy W

Discussion Questions
Whispers and the Roars  #discusswar


"5 ROARS from me. Incredibly written, captivating and knowledgeable of the subject. Fantastic job Author K Webster!"

"I gave this book 5 stars. I loved how this book handled two difficult issues. Child abuse and DID. This was one of those books that touched hard subjects and made me feel like I have a better understanding after having read it."