Discussion Questions
Winter Street  #discusswinter

  1. How does Kelley not know his wife Mitzi has been naughty with George all this time right under his nose? – Gail S

  2. Did anyone else get the impression that Bart is actually the father of Isabelle's baby? -Kylie E

  3. Within the story, each character's current situation/experience reminds me of a significant life lesson I experienced within my own life. What theme or life lesson in this story was your favorite? – Lori C

  4. What are your thoughts on Kelly inviting Mitzi and George to Christmas dinner? Do you think it was out of the kindness of his heart or did he have an ulterior motive? – Lori C

  5. I thought the Ava, Scott dynamic was interesting. Did you think it was wrong of her to keep "stringing him along"? Did you think they would hook up? – Brittney Z

  6. When Ava played carols on the piano, she seemed to be comforted by the religious ones. Why do you think she didn't like the carol "Jingle Bells"? – Lori C

  7. What did you think was going on with Bart? Just out of service area or something worse?! – Brittney Z

  8. We got to know the family through Christmas, but also through all the memories and stories of the past. 
    I particularly noticed the strong feeling Margaret had for the paper angel that Ava made. I knew there was more to it and I loved what it came to symbol! 
    What (other) stories stuck with you as you turned the last page? *no spoilers, please* - Britt B

  9. Ava asks her brother, “How can you tell if two people are made for eachother?” What is your answer to that question? -Cindi S

  10. What about the Winter Street Inn did you love the most? Have you been to someplace similar? Would you want to go there to visit? -Lori C

  11. It’s been a really long time since I’ve read a book with an omniscient narrator , and where POV changes between so many characters. I came to like it. (Do you?)
    If we pretend it’s not a series, but a follow up was made but it could only be told from ONE PERSON’s POV, which person would you want to tell the story? And why?? – Britt B

  12. This book is filled with Christmas traditions. Are there any Christmas traditions you keep as a family or even with some of your friends? – Sandra J

  13. Did you think Margaret should have told the family about Bart’s possible capture on Christmas, when she arrived at the inn? – Cindi S

  14. How did you feel about Margaret and Kelley sleeping together? – Cindi S

  15. What rating do you give to this book? 
    As a follow up, will you be continuing with the series? – Christina M

  16. How did everyone feel about the fact that Mitzi blamed Kelly for Bart entering the marines? – Chrisa S


I gave it 4 stars. It was fun, Christmasy with enough angst to keep it interesting to the end.

I gave it 4*. Despite the dysfunction, it was a heartwarming Christmas read.