1. What did you think of Merit’s collection of trophies and what they represent?Do you have anything quirky that you collect? – Cindi S

  2. The inhabitants of Dollar Voss…who do you like the most and who do you like the least? – Praise I

  3. What did you think of the meeting of Sagan? – Pam N

  4. What do you think of Merit’s parental situation?Could you handle being in her father’s position? – Montana H

  5. How do you think each person’s perspective resulted in the breakdown of relationships for this family and how could this breakdown have been alleviated? -Lori  C

  6. What did you think about Merit missing school?How would you have handled it?Would you have let her go that long out of school? – Amanda W

  7. What did you think about Merit’s perspective on her family?Did you pick up on her living in her own world earlier than Luck bringing it to our attention?Or did she just seem like a self centered kid? – Amanda W

  8. What did you think about the fact that Sagan was the only person to notice Merit didn’t speak for 4 days?How do you think that affected her as far as depression? – Amanda W

  9. What was your favorite part of the book? – Emma H

  10. Do you want to see more of Merit and Sagan? – Emma H

  11. What did you think about Sagan’s story he wrote for Moby?How did it lead us into what ultimately would help resolve the family issues?The book was called “The King’s Perspective” after all. – Amanda W

  12. What was the significance of Wolfgang’s character and how did it affect the storyline? – Lori C

  13. What do you think was the meaning of Sagan’s story “The King’s Perspective” and how does it related to the overall story of Without Merit? – Kara M

  14. What did you think of Honor? Especially the habit she had it caring for dying individuals. – Praise I

  15. A book friend of mine "casted" Luke Perry as the Voss father. I can't get him out of my head as I think he fits perfectly.Who would you cast in each of the roles? -Kayleigh W

  16. What did you think of Sagan’s artwork?Did you find it a positive or a dark energy?And why do you think Merit was drawn to it? – Lori C

  17. What was your opinion of Honor and Merit’s relationship?There were so many underlying elements to them, but we see them all from Merit’s comparisons of herself to Honor.What is your take on their relationship? – Amanda W

  18. What were you feelings on the step mom Victoria? Did your feelings change at the end? – Meagan B

  19. So we meet Luck because Merit agrees to give a random stranger a ride and as they are driving we discover that Luck is Victoria’s brother.What did you think of the whole introduction to Luck and what he brings to the dynamics? – Amanda W

  20. What were your thoughts on the letter?Did Merit go too far?Were they secrets that needed to be told? – Kathy W

  21. So the overdose scene (this was a rough part of the book)…what are your thoughts? – Kathy W

  22. What was your take on Utah?What does the marquee have to do with the story line? – Amanda W

  23. What did you think of the part where Sagan was telling Merit she needed help before he could get involved with her?When he said that his love would be too much for her and she said no it wouldn’t and thought he as being arrogant then he left and she went to her room, then he also followed her into the room and kissed her.The kiss where he backs her up to the wall and when he stopped he pretty much said “see I told you”.I can’t remember the works he said to her exactly, but after that he just walked out and left her there. – Emma H

  24. Shortly after knowing what’s going on between her parents, Merit is close to losing her virginity.What are your thoughts on Merit in this situation?On Luck? – Britt B

  25. The marquee outside of the house does not change after the letter reveal as Utah is told to leave.If you were to put something on the marquee the day following the letter and suicide attempt, what would it be? – Cindi S

  26. Colleen hits on many themes in WM – mental illness, suicide, honesty, perspective, identity, family, teens, just to name a few.She has a lot going on!How do you think she handled these issues?Colleen has said WM was a lighter book that It Ends With Us, do you agree? – Britt B

  27. How would you feel about living in a house with an 8ft Jesus Christ? – Cindi S

  28. What was your #1 OMG moment? – Cindi S

  29. Overall rating?What did you love about this book?What did you hate? – Cindi S

Discussion Questions
Without Merit  #discusswm


I couldn't put it down!!! I laughed so much. Very different Coho style but definitely one of my favorites. Loved the perspectives, the very real topics and how it was all brought together - 5 stars

I appreciate Colleen's writing and the message she was trying to send. I think she writes beautifully. I was disappointed in this one. It felt preachy, it was very slow to me and I struggled to connect with the characters. 3 stars