The Dreamers
by Karen Thompson Walker
  1. Did you ever feel there were inconsistencies in the story (timeline)? – C Busick

  2. Were you able to relate to any of the characters more due to what our society is facing today with COVID-19? – C Busick

  3. How did you feel about Mei? – C Busick

  4. What were your thoughts on the chapter about Rebecca and her son? – C Busick

  5. Did you understand Matthew's POV in who to save first? Were you surprised that he did not stop to get Mei? – N King

  6. "This is how the sickness travels best: through all the same channels as do fondness and friendship and love." I find this the most heartbreaking, dealing with Covid-19 and frail parents, not hugging is the worst. How do you feel about this quote? – N King

  7. "And then everything accelerates, as if the increase in cases has caused a quickening of time." Do you feel this is what is going on in our pandemic today? – N King

  8. As I finished the book, I had a lot of unanswered questions. Why did some get sick and others didn't? Were the dreams dreams of the future? How did Nathaniel have enough money to keep him and Henry suspended in time/sleep in Mexico? What were your unanswered questions? – N King

  9. Did Sara and Libby's father start the fire in the library? – N King

  10. There are many characters in this book. Did you like following several stories? Did one character hit you harder than any of the others? – J Peggs

  11. How did you feel about the ending of the book? Did you feel like it was too open or did it give you enough closure? – J Peggs

  12. How do you think this experience will effect the people involved in the future? Mentally, physically, emotionally? – J Peggs

  13. How did you feel about the dreams that the "sick" had? – J Peggs

  14. Did you ever think it was all a hoax? – J Peggs

  15. So, this book was my pick. I read it (actually listened to it) the first week of March. It made a huge impact and hit me pretty hard with what I was watching start in our country. How did you feel about the book as you were reading it? Did it make you uncomfortable? Did it it make you question how we as a society are dealing with Covid? I think books can give us such insight to how we deal with situations. Sorry if I'm getting too deep, but I really love books that make us question ourselves! – J Peggs

  16. For a very long time I thought the virus planted an embryo in the girls who had the sickness. The first two who woke up were male. Like they couldn't be used for the purpose of the sickness. In my head - because of Rebecca's pregnancy and the way the development was written - that was the point of the sickness. To make some creature, mankind or not. Using the human body. I was so surprised when I learned that was not the case and it made me disappointed about the ending. Did you have any 'oh' or 'what' moments? When? – B Basse

  17. Thoughts in The Dreamers?? What star rating did you give it? What did you live, what did you hate? – N King



​Stacy Lazo-Deiss

I gave it a 4. It was an interesting mix of fantasy & reality.

Christa Scheu

I gave it 3. It was a really easy and fast paced book to read, but I was just disappointed in the ending. I didn’t feel like I got a lot of closure.

Mariya Peterson

It was 4 I liked the concept. It was thought provoking and interesting plot. Very different and unique.